iTHINKIFY.COM’s AI-powered platform intuitively connects to our member lawyers, expert witnesses, costs lawyers to deliver expert opinions-as-a-service (EOAAS) delivered in seconds around the clock.

Our blockchain and AI solution can enable on-demand risk assessments for quick decision-making, informed case management, and fair and affordable access to justice and closure for more claimants or complainants.

Who we can assist:

At iTHINKIFY, we are not just innovators; we are pioneers reshaping the landscape of expert witness reports, legal services and court-compliant cost recovery.

Become an early member and join our panel of expert witnesses, solicitors, barristers, costs lawyers, insurers, claims management companies and litigation funders to contribute your expertise, collaborate with peers, and unlock new ethical revenue streams in the emerging AI-powered legal industry. Join us on our mission to revolutionise claim screening, legal services and legal costs assessments one swift decision at a time.

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